Is Mormon Explorer affiliated with the LDS Church?
No, this website is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the LDS Church.
Is Mormon Explorer only for members of the LDS Church?
This website was built by LDS members for LDS members, but does not limit the services to others wanting to become a part of an online travel community that holds members to high standards.
Is Mormon Explorer free to use?
Yes, all the services are free. There is no upgrade or premium service.
How does Mormon Explorer make money?
Our goal is to create connections through travel. Our website is built and maintained by volunteers and donations by the founders, sponsors and members of the community.
Is Mormon Explorer safe to use?
We are work hard to ensure that this is a safe experience. We monitor the site constantly and have created mechanisms for users to reports malicious users. However, we encourage all users to use caution and good judgment when arranging interactions.
Is Mormon Explorer good for individuals or groups of travelers?
Because this website is a place to ask travel tips and get information about areas around the world, it is for any size group. However, when requesting to be hosted, be considerate that many homes in the world have limited space, so be specific on the size of your group.
Does your site support different languages?
At the moment, we only support English. We suggest using Google Translate for site translation services...and it's free!
Can I offer invites to someone in my same country or state, or is this just for international travel?
We encourage Mormon Explorer for travel of any kind. There is plenty of culture to be shared across the globe and even within our own state.
How is this different than other travel communities like Couch Surfer or AirBnb?
These sites are both great resources for saving costs while traveling. Couchsurfing.org is similar to Mormon Explorer, just with less focus on a specific group. Airbnb.com is a for-profit website offering cheaper accommodations than hotel rooms.
Can I donate money or volunteer my time to help Mormon Explorer?
Yes, we accept donations of any size and even have a donor and sponsorship wall here. We are also looking for anyone who can volunteer time, experience, or resources to make our website and community better.
How do I contact the people behind Mormon Explorer?
We ask that you please contact us with our simple online contact/feedback form. We are quick to reply with an answer.