The LDS community is truly global. Our beliefs span the globe and create a network of individuals and families who believe strongly in the same basic principles and live similar lives, regardless of borders and race.
Seeing the faith of our worldwide members helps fortify testimonies and strengthen the commitment of our own beliefs. Mormon Explorer seeks to build this network through meaningful connections and friendships. Many of our members travel to distant countries to revisit old mission areas or to simply visit the beautiful countries around the world. Next time you travel to Paris, why not stay a couple nights and share a few meals with a member family who would love to host an American LDS family? Next time an LDS family from Brazil comes to Utah to watch General Conference, why not make their trip more memorable by welcoming them into your home?
Rather than spend half your vacation time (and half your vacation budget) in an American chain hotel in a foreign country, enjoy the country and culture first-hand with your LDS host through Mormon Explorer. Mormon Explorer is a free social network that links travelers with hosts across the globe. Simply enter your destination and choose from the list of hosts in the region. Make a request to stop in for dinner, join them for Family Home Evening or even stay the night. It's a small world when you're LDS, and it is about to become even smaller.
Jeff Paul
During a recent road-trip through Europe with his wife and 2 kids, Jeff stayed in a variety of hotels, hostels, and friends' houses. He realized that it was in the homes of friends, where his kids could interact with children speaking other languages and his family could experience the joy of trying new foods, that they were truly exploring the world. His dream is to take his family backpacking through Central America, while creating connections and making friends along the way. This dream motivated him to work towards establishing Mormon Explorer. When he is not travelling or working on side projects, he has an MBA from the University of Texas and works at ExxonMobil.
Scott Paul
Scott is one of those people who comes alive when outside his home country. Something about new places and unknown faces makes him feel at home. If Scott could pick one thing to do for the rest of his live it would be moving his family around the world like nomads discovering new lands and people. Scott currently works in the travel industry as the marketing director for Utah.com. He also has been producing promo videos for hotels and destinations for the last 4 years. Scott love technology, but not as much as good only conversation face to face. He is finishing his MBA at the University of Utah in 2011.
Wyatt Nielsen
At the age of 14 Wyatt picked up a library book on C++ and wrote his first `Hello World!` program; he was immediately addicted and has gone on to master several programming languages. He served in the Maracaibo Venezuela mission, and is currently a Master of Information Systems Management student at Brigham Young University. Some of his more recent travel destinations include Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. He and his wife love to explore the ancient sites wherever they travel and they look forward to visiting more sites and countries together, gaining the unique immersion experience that only Mormon Explorer can provide.
Roy Peckham
Roy was raised in a diverse community south of Los Angeles, CA. This multi-cultural upbringing sparked an interest in experiencing the people, music, and food of other cultures. He feels one of the best places to discover a culture is in the kitchens and homes of people. Roy served a fulltime mission in Britain and developed a love for both the British and immigrant culture and food. Roy's background in web development and his passion for harmonizing rich content with simple user interfaces has led him to pursue a career in software development. He will complete his Masters in Information Systems Management at Brigham Young University in 2012. He looks forward to travelling back to Britain with his wife for an immersed, cultural experience as a Mormon Explorer.
Rick Roberts: Logo artist and mobile consultant. Additionally, Rick is a suave gentleman with unsurpassed consulting steeze.
Joshua Lyman: The Yii savant. A PHP Samurai of the most respectable degree.
Courtney Paul: A visual poet. She is behind the lens of almost every photo featured on the site.
Jeff Nydegger: Supreme counsel and words of wisdom. A true adventurer of the modern world.
Mitchell Wright: SEO Wizzard and Consultant.
Monte McAllister: Threw down icon and graphic steeze when we needed it. An explorer you can rely on.